Resolve disputes amicably, without litigation

The law firm of Dale S. Frank provides individuals and families throughout the Los Angeles area with skilled family law mediation services. We also represent clients in Collaborative Divorce and offer limited scope representation.

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Mediation with Attorney

If you are researching Los Angeles divorce law firms, and are open to exploring mediation as an alternative to a traditional divorce, give us a call. As a divorce mediator, Attorney Dale Frank has the expertise and knowledge to guide you and your family through difficult negotiations and legal disputes with a focus on a positive outcome for everyone involved. Mr. Frank has decades of experience in mediating separation and divorce. His experience also extends to the drafting of prenuptial agreements.

Succcessful Mediations

Mediation is more than just an alternative to litigation. A quicker, more cost-effective method of resolving disputes, mediation helps parties find common ground peacefully and amicably so that they can achieve closure. At the Law Offices of Dale S. Frank, we have assisted in hundreds of successful mediations, whether acting as a neutral party or representing clients as private counsel.



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